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Contractor Account Membership presents businesses with unique and targeted advertising placement opportunities to showcase and promote their services. Our advertising platforms are designed to expose your business to the market in your local area or across North America. We utilize a variety of the most popular online media formats such as rich custom banner designs, HTML5 animated graphics and video advertising. To learn more, contact one of our advisors to discuss your unique needs.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include the capability to populate your profile with unlimited photos, enhanced content such as operating information, scheduling, hours of operation, training and certifications, management, employment opportunities, specialties and videos. Member profiles are also prioritized in customer searches, meaning subscriber profiles will appear before all others. By doing so you increase the likelihood that a customer will click on your profile before one of your competitors.

Accept Payments Online

Accept Payments Online from your profile is a convenient way to receive payments directly from your clients. You can direct traffic to your websites payment portal or use your PayPal account credentials, it’s that simple.

Get Reviews

In our continuing effort to help service professionals expand their footprint online, Img Link is proud to now offer customer reviews on your profile. We recommend that you strongly encourage your clients to include positive reviews of your business. By doing so, you are providing prospective clients third party testimonials that can help them decide to use your services over that of a competitor. To review your business, customers do not have to login or have an account, all they need is an opinion. They can rate your business 1-5 stars and leave comments explaining the reasons for their rating. To get started, ask your clients to visit your profile and share their experiences with the world.

SMS Live Chat

Initiate the SMS Live Chat through the browser and users can communicate directly within the business profile on their mobile device in real time. It is the quickest and most effective way for businesses to offer quotes, make appointments and deliver customer support services in a meaningful new way.

Active Ad Placements

With Img Link’s new Active Ad Placements, you can now proactively market your business to the customers of competing organizations in your area. Similar to paid search which allows you to bid on relevant terms and phrases, Active Ad Placements target profiles that organically appear on popular search engines. By identifying some of the top competing businesses in your area, we can engage your audience with the beautiful imagery and richly placed marketing for your business.

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To learn more about how advertising on can benefit your business, contact one of our North American-based advisors. We can walk you through a host of possibilites, and together we can explore options that best suit your needs.

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